Clients Testimonials


"I was introduced to Reiki recently and I liked that I could do a therapy online and still get the benefits of it's effects like any client in a person to person scenario. I was able to do the treatment at anytime as long as I could linkup with my instructor online. The treatment aided me into finally deciding to fall back on the path of clean eating and drinking. I was able to not only quit alcohol but also the sugary beverages so that I lose the weight I needed to.

I am happy to say that I am gradually losing that weight and have decided to take my time to get to my ultimate goals of a happy, healthy and wealthy existence by taking it one step at a time. It's been two and half months since my first session and I have already lost four kilograms after many months of struggling to lose the weight that just kept piling on. I needed to strengthen my core and I am on the path to regaining strength in that area.

Also during the sessions I was able to relax into deep sleep after a stressful and long day. I definitely appreciate Beryl for introducing me to this wonderful experience. Doing sessions with her removed my struggles of procrastinating and just feeling down and demotivated. Now my mind is in a more creative and energised space, and I look forward to productive days.

Thank you, better yet Namaste!"

Wandu, Gaborone. Botswana

  "I have been having a difficult year due to taking my studies further and had no idea the pressure would be on another level. It is difficult keeping a positive mindset and being optimistic under such immense pressure as well as being knocked down by negative results time after time. 

My mom suggested a few reiki treatment sessions to me and the results are astonishing. I've noticed that, especially after my last reiki treatment session last week, I feel in the moment i.e. I don't worry about what's going to happen in the future. For instance, it was my cousin's birthday dinner last weekend and I enjoyed myself without worrying about my assignments or feeling guilty about enjoying a little moment out. I feel so much happier and positive. I was also disappointed by someone during the week but for some reason, my week did not evolve around that one particular incident instead I focused on issues that make me happy. Just small things such as being nice to people, having a laugh, enjoying food, etc. I am becoming more and more positive, focused and more confident by the day. I feel that having distance reiki treatment therapy sessions is making a significant difference in my life and for that, I would recommend reiki to anyone who wants to give it a go."

Juanita. Gaborone. Botswana

"I've been using Beryl's Reiki service for a number of months. The service offers distance healing and in house service healing. As I'm not in the same area, I use distance healing although I do benefit from hands on sessions when I'm in Manchester. Before the session I need to prepare myself by finding a comfortable quite place where I will not be disturbed and lie down for about 10 to 15 minutes to meditate or just do some relaxing breathing. I decided to engage with the service because I have bad menstrual pains and looked into treating this with holistic treatment. I have noticed a big difference with the pains as they have lessened. I can only believe that the reiki service is working, I intend to continue with the service long term as it proves helpful."

Thembi. x Reading. UK