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Reiki Spring Clean

This article written by Deborah Lloyd made me very nostalgic as I recall how my mom followed the same tradition and has passed it on to us siblings. A very interesting and simple read yet very engrossing too. Anyone who’s keen to learn  about Reiki ensure you read this article….it’s an eye opener! ENJOY!!

It has always been a ritual in my life. Even as a child, my sisters and I helped our mother with spring cleaning. When the weather warmed up after a cold winter, and the flowers started to bloom, it was time to clean the house from top to bottom. The cobwebs were removed, and the clutter from long winter days were stored, donated or thrown away. The draperies were changed, from heavy winter drapes to light, breezy curtains. The fresh air of spring days flowed through the house, and everything seemed bright and new. I brought some of these traditions to my own home after our marriage.

In the same way, perhaps we should approach Reiki with a new perspective, a fresh start, at least once a year. Like any other practice in our lives, we need to step back and re-evaluate our progress, or non-progress, in the area. We can continue to grow and be excited about changes in our work, or we can become stagnant in our practice.

During this time of the year, we can choose to bring in new light, new perspectives, or new focus on a specific area regarding Reiki.

Let’s begin with the beginning! How long has it been since you read Dr. Usui’s Reiki principles? Or, re-read your first Reiki manuals and books? Have you thought about your initial experiences of Reiki, both as a receiver and a giver? How can you recreate, or at least remember and reflect upon these exciting, first days? Meditating on the many joyful moments you have had with the Reiki experience can be a delight.

Next, evaluate where you are presently with your Reiki practice. Have you made it too hard, or too complicated? Have you set up some expectations in your mind that you are finding too difficult to meet? An example of this might be you set the intention to do a full, one-hour self-treatment every day. When this became impossible to do, you did not do any self-treatment at all.

In spring cleaning a home, the first step is to remove any clutter. The energy is shifted, and the room is made for the flow of fresh air. In the same way, we may need to remove the clutter of constant busyness in our lives. Utilizing the calmness of Reiki treatments assists us in keeping Reiki a priority in our lives. Reiki is not simply another task on our “to-do” lists; rather, it is a way of life. Reiki can lead us into a more harmonious and peaceful life when we make room for it within our lives.

If we are harboring doubts about the effectiveness of Reiki, or are holding onto negative thoughts, we need to declutter our minds of these energies. We may feel disappointed that a cure we had desired has not occurred. Although feelings of doubt and disappointment are common human experiences, we can take an active role in how to handle these thoughts. We can choose for the thoughts to remain in our minds, or we can choose to let them go. The method is simple – state an intention of releasing these thoughts, start the Reiki energy flow, and place our hands on our third eye and heart chakras simultaneously. Try it, it works!

Once negative thoughts are released, replace them with positive thoughts about Reiki. We have many gifts we can access. Give Reiki to yourself, or receive Reiki from another practitioner. Revisit encouraging Reiki articles and books, or past journal entries. Spend time in meditation or journal writing. Give gratitude for the beautiful gift of Reiki.

This kind of spring cleaning is essential for a lifelong Reiki path. Just like a house has to be sorted through, and cleaned up thoroughly at least once a year, so does our Reiki way of life. Many blessings to each of you who are committed to the Reiki journey!

March 3rd 2021

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